Hotel & Gardens

Successfully tailoring its services to meet the needs of international guests for almost 100 years. Cardoso Hotel is one of Mozambique’s national treasures.

Perched on top of the cliff looking down to the old city of Maputo, Cardoso hotel enjoys a wonderful spot
one of the best spots to see the sun go down at the end of the day. Come join us for a cocktail!

Cardoso hotel’s established gardens boast of hibiscus and scented bushes - the leafiest of all in the city. They occasionally get hit by storms, but would bounce back to their former glory and together with the lovely pool, provide the perfect backdrop for a quiet glass of wine or a large gathering.

The city below with its new office buildings, sit among our “Happy home” bushes, creating the perfect bird watching spot by the fever tree.

Key Hotel Features

Central location Swimming pool Extensive gardens Stunning views